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How To Roast A Chicken

How To Roast A Chicken

Prepare the roast early.  Rotisserie cooking is a time-consuming art, and the bigger the bird,  the longer it takes before your masterpiece is prepared. Marinate and Baste– In general, poultry benefits from marinating beforehand to enhance flavor and seal in juices.  Basting the roast as […]

Baking Ingredients

Baking Ingredients

BAKING INGREDIENTS Eggs, flour, Water, fat and in most cases sugar are necessary components in all baking and pastry goods.  The process that occurs when these ingredients interact during the mixing and baking stage is indicative of the final baked product.  To better understand baking […]

Different types of Sugars, Syrups and Sweeteners

Different types of Sugars, Syrups and Sweeteners

In order to produce a palitable baked good you must use some form of sweetener. Sweetners come in various forms and are an important element in most baked goods.  They provide flavor, leavening, color and extended shelf life.

Granulated Sugar

derived either from sugarcane or sugar beets and is unadulterated sucrose.  This type of sugar has small even sized crystals and is the most commonly used sugar for baked good.

Superfine sugar

Dissolves quickly and has smaller size crystals than it’s counterpart granulated.  It’s frequently used in sponge cakes and meringues.

Sanding Sugar

consists of large crystals is used to decorated baked goods

Pearl sugar

As the name implies is large pearl-shaped crystals used as decorations

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is granulated sugar, but gets it’s rich hue from the added molasses. This type of sugar come in various colors and flavors such as dark and light.

Confectioner’s Sugar

Is a granulated sugar ground to a powder with the addition of cornstarch to keep it from caking. Confectioner’s sugar is also referred to as powdered or icing sugar and comes in various grades of fineness.


Is a sugar-free sweetener derived from sucrose and generally used in diabetic baking and pulled sugar work.  This type of sweetener does not break down when heated and absorbs very little water.

Corn Syrup

Contains 15-20 percent dextrose and is produced from cornstarch. This type of sugar also comes in different colors and flavors, such as light or dark corn syrup.  Corn syrup resists crystallization and is best used for confectinery work.


is a viscous, dark brown liquid by product of sugar.  Molasses is less sweeter than sugar, but has a richer flavor.  This type of sugar is also available in different colors.  Depending on the sulfar process molasses may be labeled as “sulfered” or “unsulfered”. Unsulfured molasses has a less intense flavor than its sulfured counterpart.

Malt Syrup

Is used in some yeast breads and made from sprouted barley and corn.

Golden Syrup

Derives from sugarcane juice and can be used in place of corn syrup.


Is a natural sugar originating from flower nectar.  The flower determines the honey’s flavor and color and not the bee.  Colors can range from pale yellow and mild to dark amber.

Maple Syrup

Is a concentrated sap from sugar maple trees.  Maple Syrup comes in various grades, flavors and viscosity.

Inverted Sugar

Is sucrose derived from equal parts of glucose and fructose.

Flours, Grains and Meals

Flours, Grains and Meals

As a baker you should familiarize yourself with the various grains used for baked goods.  Rice, barley and refined products such as pastry flour or cornmeal and considered whole grain.  The various type of grains discussed in this blog are inexpensive and easily attainable. Whole […]